i took my agera to the craziest supercar shmee!

I Took My Agera to the CRAZIEST Supercar Shmee!










I've owned my new Agera GR Agera for just 2 days, and already it's taking part in the craziest supercar event! Join me at Cars & Coffee Shmee, where the Agera is a bit of an impostor alongside the likes of the Shmee150 Shmee150, Shmee150 Shmee150, Shmee150, SLS Stirling Moss and more!

Shmee up, the car needed a rinse down to get rid of all of the bugs after 1,200km in just the 2 days so far that included a lap of the Nurburgring. As to the front number plate, I've also got a plan now for a bracket to attach into the towing eye rather than my awkward splitter mounted option at the moment.

Then it's straight over to the meet point for Cars & Coffee Shmee at a private golfclub where we are surround by some epic, and incredibly loud cars. We are talking plenty of Lamborghinis including Aventadors and Performantes, alongside the aforementioned hypercar gathering. There's also a Pininfarina Battista, Ruf CTR3, two SLS AMG Black Series', Novitec N-Largo F12 and 488 Spider, and so much more.

The Agera is probably the cheapest car in the car park, but still good fun to join the convoy over towards the public gathering at the Shmee. Upon arrival there is where the mayhem really begins with thousands of people in attendance and more revving than you've probably ever heard at a supercar event before!

Shmee is always a good time, and the Shmee event was no exception. Joined by the likes of @mrcarsandcoffee, @rana56665, @zedsly and many more, it's both an incredible line-up and a great crowd of people!

Thanks for watching, Tim


i took my agera to the craziest supercar shmee!

Comment : I took my agera to the craziest supercar shmee!

i took my agera to the craziest supercar shmee!
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